I am writing this blogpost straight out the gate! After all, it’s been a while and I thought it was about time I wrote something!

It has taken a mini crisis to wake me up to this knowledge (that I’m letting many things slip in my business). For the past 8-10 months, I have kept my head down making and selling lovely items in my Etsy shop ‘Whimsy of Nature’. You see, I love to create for creations sake. I am like a machine. When I get an idea into my head, it makes me feel alive and that I am contributing in one way or another. I also like earning money for what I am doing. To actually be able to buy treats and to pay bills!

But, I made the mistake of allowing my work to overload my body.

What happened?

Simply, I have overdone things whilst going through a period of increased stress in my personal life. Trying to buy a home (with a zillion protracted obstacles in the way) and overdoing what I love, has left me in a kind of burn-out state. My body is complaining and now I cannot make anything which is soooooo frustrating! I have so many ideas that I cannot keep up with my train of thoughts….All I can do now is ponder my future and take time to pause and plan next steps!

I think I was also (slightly) running away from the hurt and pain of feeling and then being rejected by a small business group I used to regularly meet up with (they had different plans and expectations for the group and my grieving 2016 year did not measure-up to what they expected from me and I didn’t feel able to keep up with their expectations…I just needed their unconditional support….(clear throat) another blogpost once processed I think!…I digress!).

I should have known

I like to view my creations as a kind of soul medicine that has been needed at some points in my life journey. The Plant Ally cards and Tree Wisdom cards are all about self-love, compassion and kindness in a world ( inner and outer) that can seem nasty and cruel at times. The Life Design cards (LDC) are medicine to restore practical balance in life. You see, I am a kind of organic-ebb-and-flow person who is a little allergic to structures, rules and practical foundations.

However, these last 6 months, I have not consulted the LDC’s–when I probably needed them most. To obtain balance, I require basic structures in place, or I can become lost and overworked in what I do…as I am never satisfied that I have done my best work etc. I checked in with the LDC before flat hunting and they were really helpful.

My partner and I sat on the floor working through the nuances and considerations to buy the best home we can, in a nature-filled location, on our restricted budget.  We balanced the pro’s and con’s of each location and finally decided upon the ideal place for our next journey in life. Fabulous. We hope to exchange very soon.

But, then I stopped using them….

Losing my balance

Without the life-balance, I lost my way again and burned out. If I had consulted the cards, I may have seen the unhelpful work patterns I was adopting whilst going through a stressful time. I would have looked at ways to maintain my momentum. I may have paid less attention to negative news in the media and focused more on catching and storing my energy. The LDC are my touchstone to balance and broader perspectives. I get that now.

What does this mean?

I find the soul medicine I need in life is often what other people are looking for too. So, whilst I create for the love of creating and to reflect on my life journey. I also love making something useful, meaningful and beautiful–that you can keep with you and utilise over time. I need to continue working with the soul medicine cards I make…..because they have a point and a gentle nudge in the right direction to well-being (especially since the world seems to be pivoting in the wrong direction at the moment).

So, if you like the idea of my Life Design cards then do take a look at them on my website or Etsy shop. If you are unsure, you can sign-up for my Nature-threads updates (see sign-up box below) and have access to a FREE e-booklet that showcases the first twelve cards–so you can get a feel for them and discover if they would be useful. I have had some rewarding feedback so far.

I sigh with relief to have written to you today. There will be no surprises if I don’t receive any comments, as how can you expect peeps to stay around if you ain’t creating anything new, right?…. I will keep posting anyways as its good for me 😉

Love and hugs xx