This blog post is Part II of my updates on undertaking the Dr. Bri Overcome Pelvic Pain For Women twelve-week programme. I am posting at the end of each month 1,2, and 3. Please see my first blog post reflecting on my initial thoughts before starting the programme.

End of Month One

Firstly, I am pleased to report that I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of taking part in this programme. There is a plethora of information and guidance, and it presents in a logical framework. I have been super compliant as, from childhood conditioning, I am particularly good at ‘following the rules’ Ha Ha! Dr. Bri does not have rules; everything is an invitation. I am just poking fun at myself!

You are encouraged to fill out a symptom questionnaire at the start and end of each month to establish whether you are ready to move on through the programme. Outcome measures were a valuable way to measure progress when I was working as a physiotherapist. So, this was a tick in my books! As I am learning to live with my problem, I can often forget from month to month how I am.

This month’s emphasis was on calming the nervous system down and gently stretching out muscles local to and indirectly related to the pelvic floor. Many stretches hold for a full 90 seconds with positive affirmations sprinkled throughout the videos. I particularly enjoyed the stretching exercises in week three! Dr. Bri introduces many new stretching ways that I found particularly relaxing. Her voice is gentle and friendly, and I feel looked after. Daily practicing of targeted exercises showed definite improvements in my flexibility and calmness which was encouraging and motivating. 

Various trigger point massages and mind-body meditations massively enhanced the effects of the daily exercises and are essential to the foundation for healing. Nutrition advice with a light touch this month avoids overwhelming. 

There are separate bonus videos about intimacy that I started to look at and ponder. It contained advice I had been searching for that was absent from my support in the UK. 

Sometimes, I found it hard to fit everything in and noticed that was stressing me out. But I soon let myself off the hook and did what I could. Once I took the pressure off, I noticed I could manage the recommendations. I liked that the mind/body meditations ranged from eight to thirty minutes enabling me to fit this aspect into my day. Towards weeks three and four, I had even taken a few favourite exercises from previous weeks and bolted them at the end of the daily exercise regime.

Any progress?

Based on my questionnaire results, I have made just over 30% improvement which is a revelation! A pretty good month on the whole, but I have relapsed a bit in the last few days, which has dampened my positivity. I expect relapses, but each can throw me for a few days as they still feel out of my control. 

Some of the most problematic issues for me are yet to resolve. Still, I feel the groundwork is there to tackle my residual problems. I love the graded approach of this programme to take me further in my recovery while avoiding unnecessary flares.

I have only been on the community section a couple of times as I am awful at being on social media. However, I felt I could offer some advice to an Overcomer seeking help on an issue. Some of my particular problems are not something I feel comfortable sharing in a community. Perhaps that will change. 

I will be back in touch again at the end of month two!

Onwards and upwards!

Till next time,

Lisa xxx