I am in the middle of working on the rewards for my recent Kickstarter campaign.  I am at the end of month two of the three-month course Overcome Pelvic Pain for Women. I have not had the time to write a detailed blog post this time, so I am writing a brief update.

Month two

I am pleased to say I have been able to progress to month two and found this month was about building my energy levels and capacity for increased physical activity. The exercise routines have been a beautiful mix of graded strengthening and flexibility exercises around the pelvic region. I can feel that, with a daily routine, my body is becoming more flexible, and ‘knotty areas’ are starting to release.

I have been away in Scotland for 2 1/2 weeks this month, and I feel that this programe has facilitated my ability to travel from London to Scotland and be active daily. Each morning I look forward to completing my regime. It feels like I am mobilising and relaxing in all areas, and the strengthening work is sneaking in without shocking my pelvic area into unnecessary tension. There are continued nods to mindset and relaxation throughout the month’s instructions.

The Trigger Point release exercises were a revelation this month as one of the points included the iliacus muscle. Massaging this trigger point reproduced the period and thigh pains I have had monthly since a teenager. By week four, the area is no longer referring period-like pain!

I haven’t followed the nutritional aspect of the course this month because I have already worked on this area extensively in the last two years. But, I am glad to see it included so that it is more holistic for people who have not covered this area. I personally found the benefit of reducing inflammatory foods in my diet.

Unfortunately, I have had a little back pain towards the end of this month, but I feel it is related to doing more and adjusting to the releasing of tight muscles around the pelvis. I am aware I need to protect my spine during the strengthening exercises. Dr. Bri is exceptionally detailed and careful to remind us not to overarch the back in the race to progress the exercises. As I write this blog post, I am one week into month three, and the back pain has already gone, and I have started the Couch to 5K running app! I hope I can continue to progress!

My objective monthly questionnaire score is now low, so I don’t make the jumps in score improvement I got at the beginning of the course. The sticking points (that are private to me) are ongoing, but I have hope that with patience and dedication to rehabilitation, I will get there in the end.

Where am I now?

I feel closer to normal than I have in the last few years. It brings tears to my eyes that I now remember how normal I used to feel and that it is within touching distance even if it takes many more months to come. I danced and jumped up and down at the Chelsea Flower Show Late night event with music without fear. It is incredible not to be aware of my bladder and pelvis for days at a time now.

Onwards and upwards,

Lisa xxx