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Be softer with you. You are a breathing thing. A memory to someone.

A home to a life.

Nayyirah Waheed


Life Design cards 2.0

At last the new version of The Life Design cards are well and truly under development with the aim to launch before Spring 2020. They have a simpler format, many different visuals and a few substituted cards. It may also be a bigger volume deck;) There will be no booklet and information will be on the back (just like the Plant and Tree cards). I do hope you love them as much as I do.

Below is a sample of the visuals (without any text) to give you an idea of where I am going with them. Watch this space!



I am a Mixed Media Digital Collage Artist and Maker, who creates Nature-inspired art and crafts including card decks: Plant Ally, Tree Wisdom and The Textured Tarot card decks.  

I am a Maker who communicates meaningful content through illustration and card decks. My creativity is fuelled by the understanding that we are Nature, and that within our culture there is a real need to shift how we communicate with ourselves and others to kinder ways of expression.  I know that images of Nature can improve our emotional and physical wellbeing because its colours, shapes and materials are enjoyable to look at. Nature is dynamic and continuously changes which can support us in our own growth, and I know that if we trust in nature’s guidance it can help us to create what we desire.

I now currently stock all my decks  in my Etsy store Lisa McLoughlin Art. Below is a simple summary of what you will find there.

Plant Ally cards 

Plants are out interconnected allies. The quality of our life is enhanced by plugging into Nature’s energy on a regular basis. The Plant Ally Cards (#plantallycards) are helping to cultivate self-compassion within us so we can connect with Nature and also improve well-being. When we become accepting, warmer and kinder towards ourselves and our experiences of life, we are naturally kinder to others. We can then extend this kindness outwards to all living things.

It is now known that you can experience Nature vicariously through various interactions such as Nature-themed pictures. All forms of contact with the natural world–direct and indirect– are important to your health and well-being. Therefore, I want to help you fall deeply in love with Nature. To be inspired to go outside and connect and feel that you are part of the interconnected web of life.

To see more, pop over to my Etsy shop here.


Tree Wisdom cards 

Finding ways to deepen our relationship with Nature can cultivate a richer moment-to-moment awareness of life through meaningful experience and a deeper understanding of our connection with all things. Viewing art inspired by Nature is a simple way to increase our awareness of its magic. It helps stimulate us to notice more of the life-enhancing qualities of being and feeling part of the natural world. The Tree Wisdom Cards (#treewisdomcards) help facilitate this experience.

Trees are our strongest allies. They stand as sentinels in a symbiotic relationship with humankind. They are wise, with a quiet centre of being and patiently respond to the seasons whilst the world reacts and changes around them. They have a lot to teach us about acceptance, patience, impermanence and interconnectedness.

To see more, pop over to my Etsy shop here.


The Textured Tarot plus mini booklet

Welcome to The Textured Tarot. The creation of this deck sprung from a desire to make something for personal growth that is accessible to understand and fashioned in a way that felt more in keeping with my values around Nature, inclusiveness, compassion and kindness.

With a beautiful mix of visual ideas of what it means to be human– it is an eclectic fusion of traditional, contemporary, symbolic and quirky illustrations.The effect is created by digitally collaging fragments of digital images, layered textures, digital art, hand-drawn art with stitched textiles.

This deck taps deeply into my vulnerability which leaves me with the sense that many people will benefit from this source of inspiration. I like to think that it is an approachable gateway for people new to tarot (particularly those who fear it), or a collectors deck for the tarot card lovers. I can also see it complimenting many other tarot and oracle card deck readings.

Available in my Etsy shop here.


The Textured Tarot The Fool teeshirts from Teemill

I have developed a small range of tee shirts on white backgrounds available through Teemill an environmentally conscious teeshirt printers here in the UK. Available through Teemill here.