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Nayyirah Waheed

Here is a place I announce future products that you may be interested in.

The Life Design Cards 2.0

I am so pleased to announce that I have finally revamped and updated The Life Design cards! After careful consideration, I withdrew the original deck from sale in mid-2019. There was a multitude of reasons why I did this ( see blog post here), but most importantly, I feel it is now a more robust deck for this new decade. As usual, it is very people orientated with a mix of Nature and, this time, some illustrated environmental topics.

I felt the old deck was more complicated than it needed to be, so 2.0 works just like The Plant Ally and Tree Wisdom deck in that some writing is on the back of each card. There is no booklet with this deck.

Tap into your intuitive wisdom and use these cards to support and guide you to make incremental improvements in your life. Use them individually or within a group situation to help tackle any problem areas. This Second Edition deck of 58 cards has a less structured format and can be used in any way you like. Many of the illustrations feature people and Nature, including Permaculture and environmental topics: cards for our challenging times.

You may use them in any way that makes sense to you. They are lovely to work with on their own or combined with other decks. They are intended as a problem-solving deck but could be adapted to use as an oracle deck. Some people like to journal and reflect on a card they have selected. Some want to select several cards and work through them while gaining fresh insights from the relationships between the cards drawn. Feel free to use your imagination and build a story around the cards. What do the cards want you to know?





Please find below a digital example of The Life Design Cards 2.0. Feel free to draw a card each day, or as many times as you like. This is my gift to you during these troubling times. I hope they will be available for you to purchase in the near future…



  • Seek your inner wisdomSeek your inner wisdom
    Reflect on the past, appreciate the present, and dream the future. Ask your wise-self what s(he) wants you to know right now. What do you need in this moment? Do you feel safe in your own body? Determine if your outward activity aligns with your internal desires.