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The Textured Tarot important update #2…

This is a brief update to announce when The Textured Tarot is to be available for pre-order. It’s turning out to be quite an eventful journey! For reasons I am not aware of, this deck does not want to be advertised yet. Perhaps it’s ‘Mercury Retrograde’? I dunno….Yet, despite my and my printer's best efforts, the test deck has not been able to get to me safely. Six postal disappointments on and I am simply surrendering to this madness!

Etsy store from Monday 16th April. It will remain on pre-order for up to 8 weeks. I will print as soon as I have enough orders. This allows time for me to iron out the weird creases! I am no longer in the headspace to feel open and joyful about my launch; too many things going wrong. So, I am going to step back, take a deep breath and establish patience.

If you have signed onto my Newsletter or product update lists, then I will contact you soon with more details and a discount coupon. Thank you for your support and patience. What a ride this tarot adventure is!!!


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