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What a waterfall taught me about life:)

This is an archived blog post from Green Alder Coaching

I am currently visiting my family in North Wales. I felt moved to write about my most interesting and insightful day yesterday.

In fact, it transpired to be a metaphorical story about the journey to being an Uncaged Soul.

Read on…

I planned to visit Aber Falls (Waterfall), alone, yesterday. It was part of my treat to spend some quiet time away from the recent intensity of building a business and living in London.

My mum tried to dissuade me from spending all day there; putting pressure on me to engage in family activities.

But, I needed to get away and disappear to the waterfall. It was calling me somehow!

The adolescent child within me insisted ‘No’. So I carried on with my plans despite an ‘atmosphere’ of disapproval 🙁

So, without a map and just a vague idea of how I was to get there, I started my journey.

It was trickier than I thought. I took a few wrong turns, and dead ends and even drove around in circles a couple of times, (but, on the positive side, it was lovely to see parts of Wales I had never noticed before).

At one point, I stopped the car and was about to abandon the idea together, for a different plan: pondering whether my journey had been jinxed ;).

But, something within kept me going. I re-framed it all as an amusing adventure and an interesting metaphor for life.

Thanks to the help of Google Maps and asking strangers, I found my destination. Hurray!!!

The route to the Falls was beautiful, knobbly, meandering, nature-packed and serene.

On arrival, the power and sound of her fall and the cool click here >> reassured me that I was in exactly the right place.

What a magnificent Waterfall!: my very own waterfall for a few hours.

I sat within her shadows, in awe.

I took in her smell, her energy, her shape, her sound…wow!

I observed people arrive, stay a few minutes, photograph the fall and then leave.

Was this simply something just to tick off or add as an FB update?

Why are you all in a rush? I thought.

Why do you not want to stay and be with her? Surely, she is a beautiful company and worth waiting for.

For me…today…I just needed to savor every moment.

I sat on her supportive boulders in the sunshine, whilst mindfully meditating on the sounds of the water: in front, behind, and to my sides…lovely.

I dipped my feet in her cool clear waters…

The journey to Aber Falls was like the essence of any person's call to adventure.

Start with a dream or vision; embark on a journey with some struggle, whilst asking for help and support along the way, to ensure you get there.

When the vision is finally realised, you appreciate its reality and savour it.

It takes challenge, determination, and courage to get there!

Here is a quote from a blog post by Geraldine Teggelove that resonates to my core right now. What do you think?

‘Message from Nature Spirits:

Discovering your life’s purpose can be quite a tricky business, but actually acting on it once you have found it, can be an enormous challenge. The difficulty is, that to travel down your ‘waterfall’, you must leave your ego behind, jump with all your might into the stream of life, and allow the mists of faith and trust to soften the journey and bring you to a safe landing in a pool of total joy. This is definitely not a journey for the faint of heart … it takes enormous courage to embrace the purpose for which you came into this physical reality!

The journey may be a little bumpy at times, and there will be lots of surprises along the way, but we guarantee it will be well worth the ride. You will sparkle and shine with a beauty that the world has been longing to see ever since you arrived on this planet. So today, how about allowing yourself to cascade with beauty and grace into the arms of your divine purpose!’

So, if you like this blog post, please feel free to share it with your social media preference or perhaps comment on your own Calls to Adventure below.


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