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What do you REALLY want?

This is an archived blog post from Green Alder Coaching

Great….this is it!

The Big career shift in your life.

You have been thinking about it for years…right?

Wondering what on earth you can do with the rest of your working life?

With (logical) ‘transferable skills’ in tow and a plan; you finally find the courage to take action and bravely step out into the unknown.

You think you know what you want to do.

You plan…You seek help—coaching, and support—and you take action…action…action…action…action!

Working with diligence to make a successful shift in your life; like somebody is ‘holding a gun to your head’.

At first, it is exciting and you get caught up in the planning, skill-building and future possibilities.

After all, you are thinking of careers that are more likely to pay the bills…right?

Then, you start to flag…you wonder if it’s resistance, inner critic, and comfort zone obstacles that you are dealing with…? So, you push even harder to challenge yourself and grow!

But, you feel weaker, you feel dread and heaviness and the sinking feeling that you are making the same mistakes again.

You have hit against dissonance …that deep-down inner knowing that you are on the wrong path…

Ever happened to you?

Well, it is happening to me right now… I am an onion…with layers of complexities and transformational processes….in evolution with no anchor. Exciting!

I accelerate ahead with being a coach, doing an MSc and transferring my skills to help people, like me, transform and evolve…

But, something isn’t right.

The activities that make my heart REALLY sing are the very activities I buried at the age of 17 when I was told ‘ No point being an artist..there’s no money in it and it’s all about Science and Engineering which you are getting good grades in’.

With a heavy heart, that is how I pursued the rest of my life….in dissonance.

Art is a waste of time.

But, with my newfound freedom and ability to grow and heal, I have an inner burning desire to use art in my work.

Coaching skills come naturally to me too…but I desire to use them more creatively and not in a ‘typical’ way.

I am in flow when learning and developing through art.

It is cathartic and intertwined within my DNA.

I feel at a crossroads again—like when 17 years old—with the desire to do what I REALLY want, against what I ‘should’ or ‘ought’ (just because I am good at it and get double distinctions in university).

And the point is?

The point is…to just be kind and compassionate with yourself when you are going through change.

It takes time to change and we all evolve at different rates.

Trust your intuition and see how your energy levels fluctuate with certain things.

Trust that you REALLY know the answers and that you will ALSO make mistakes along the way.

What made your heart sing when you were a child? There are nuggets of information there to help you decide what to do.

We are all onions that need to be peeled one layer at a time…

‘You must be very careful not to just go down a road because you planned to.’ Katherine Hepburn quote.

So what?

So this means, I am called to see how my art can be directly integrated with my coaching skills. I am still here coaching and helping clients, as I have oodles of empathy, understanding, and insight to still help with transformation.

But, I am also working on a new art/coaching project called Free Range Lisa…;)

So, watch this space…

Oh and also

Do share this link if you think somebody else may benefit from my words.

Bye for now my lovelies xoxo


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