Lisa Barber

Lisa Barber

Welcome to Lisa Barber and her new website . This has been a delightful build as it encapsulates many of the elements I love about A Living Brand and the power of a rich narrative running through the site. The kitchen table is a particular feature of the site as Lisa runs workshops from there and many of the quirks of her life in the countryside show up in various guises throughout. I hope you like it. I have written more about it here.

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Helen Rebello

I am very excited to┬áintroduce you to Helen Rebello’s beautifully tranquil website The Tranquil Path it visually speaks volumes ­čśë It is a delicious┬áharmony between a talented therapist and the narrative around feeling grounded, calm, safe, flowing and the theme of water. I love it!

Sustainable You

Sustainable You

A Quirky Design

I love this website!!!

It is an example of a complete customised build with unlimited input from my client (AGILE style). I think you’ll agree that it is a quirky website design that perfectly demonstrates the uniqueness of Joey Clifton at Sustainable You.

She loves photography, fun critters & fonts, mixtures of colours, nature, the sea and , well, everything linked with planet sustainability!

Her request was for a website that was fresh and modern but still kept the elements of a more traditional website (retaining a wallpaper, for example).

Evie Abat

Evie Abat

This is a very Sassy website for a Sassy lady!

Evie Abat is an actress who commissioned me to create a simple website that could be used as a landing page (still requires further images to be included) for people interested in hiring her.

The website needed to be modern, edgy and stylish but with an eclectic twist.

Evie has a very diverse range of tastes that encompass retro, orange and turquoise, leopard skin and a softer side to her character.

I encompassed this mix into her website by adding hints of bright colour, stripes, pastel colours and, of course, leopard skin.

I feel it reflects Evies personality and uniqueness.