Scrubs wash-bag sewing instructions

Scrubs wash-bag sewing instructions

Finding a way to help in a crisis

We are in unprecedented times! I have heard and seen this written every day for weeks… I am not going to write about it. There is so much already out there. Times are hard and times are softened with love and caring.

Four weeks into the UK lockdown, I have found a rhythm to my day. Apart from giving donations, clapping for care workers, and signing up to volunteer locally, I have been looking for an activity to help that will utilise my recent experience and skills.

So, I decided to try and help make scrubs wash-bags for NHS staff (and care homes and social care) in my community. It makes sense because I have spent a few years making and selling oracle and tarot bags.

As I don’t have the benefit and speed of an overlocker sewing machine, I was looking for a pattern that made a wash-bag less prone to fraying, double-drawstring, easy to make with a domestic sewing machine and suitable for multiple washes at 60 degrees. I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for.

So, I made up my own pattern!  So, without further ado, I am posting the link here in case there is anybody else that would benefit from some guidance. It’s just a little gesture, but, every little bit helps…

Stay safe and well….

Link to Scrubs Wash-bag by Lisa McLoughlin Art

Here’s the link to the Scrubs Wash-bag.