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Welcome to Lisa McLoughlin Art!

As an abstract artist and illustrator, I draw inspiration from the captivating colours, textures, and forms of the natural world. Through my mixed media techniques, I bring these elements to life, crafting vibrant artwork and Nature-inspired card decks.

With dedicated passion, I aim to help people explore their inner selves, express emotions, and forge meaningful connections. I am equally adept at digital and traditional collage and layering, seamlessly blending different media to create harmonious compositions.

Join me on this artistic journey, where simplicity meets depth, and every stroke speaks volumes. Discover the beauty of art and Nature through all my creations.

We are Nature

Nature and people are simply part of one another. 

The natural world is at the heart of our well-being.

If we are willing to listen and pay attention to Nature, we will begin to recognise our innate sense of connection and belonging.

When we become accepting, warmer, and kinder towards ourselves and our experiences of life, we are naturally kinder to others.

We can then extend this kindness outwards to all living things.

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