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Welcome to my world of Nature-inspired art, where I bring meaningful content to life through beautiful card decks. Among my creations are the enchanting Plant Ally, Tree Wisdom, Life Design, and The Textured Tarot card decks.

As a Maker, I'm deeply passionate about using illustration and card decks to communicate powerful messages. I believe in the profound connection we share with Nature and the importance of nurturing kinder ways of self-expression and communication within our culture.

My card decks are available in my Etsy shop. 


I am the only individual authorised to sell my brand-new decks; any others are counterfeit.
Dear supporters of authentic art.

It's with a heavy heart I alert you to counterfeit versions of my cherished "The Textured Tarot" deck, now appearing on various platforms (including Etsy!). As an artist, every card I design carries the energy of dedication, love, and countless hours of work. Buying counterfeits not only financially impacts creators like me but also brings into your sacred space a tool devoid of genuine energetic integrity. I urge you to stand with real creators; always buy directly or from authorized sellers, and cherish the authentic energy and intention that comes with it. With gratitude, Lisa McLoughlin Art.

© Lisa McLoughlin Art  2015-2024 
All rights reserved. 
Made in the United Kingdom.
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