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A NEW service takes flight…

What an exciting first 6 months of my new illustration business!

I have enjoyed connecting with you and so many new business women.

I have listened carefully to your needs and, at the beginning of this year, I took inspired action to create a new service because some of the concerns you and others have shared with me had a theme!

Many women approached me and asked if I could create a new website for them – as well as doing the art work. I was intrigued by why I was being asked. Of course it made sense to do both art and website together – but there had to be more to it. I was surprised to find that quite a few of you had tricky or bad experiences with your websites.

Many women told me:

*  You were often disappointed that your Web/Graphic designer didn’t keep you informed and updated – often it took days for anyone to call you back!

*  There was no clear process and you often felt lost and out of control during the design and build phase, so you lost confidence.

*  Technical people didn’t always relate to you and understand your specific needs.

*  You were often disappointed by the end result and didn’t know how to tell them. The designs were ‘not quite right’ and not capturing the essence of what was unique about what you have to offer.

*  They did not communicate in a way that was easy to understand which made it hard to make informed decisions and feedback your worries.

So I set about making a difference to that. I have a perfect blend of skills to effectively transform your concerns into solutions so that you can have a powerful online presence without the headache.


*  My background as a Healer, Coach, and female entrepreneur means I understand your needs.

*  I speak your language – I keep my inner geek locked away when I talk to real people!

*  I have the artistic skills to interpret your vision and the technical skills to transform your online home to meet the needs of your audience.

*  I have a process in place to make sure you regularly get updates and are fully informed at all times. That means you are free to be a part of the feedback process and add to your ideas throughout your journey – no more feeling awkward!

*  As well as building your website, you can have your site hosted and maintained if you wish, or I can show you how to update your new website, so you can manage your content without additional cost or worry.

If you can relate to these points then we may be a perfect fit.

As the website creation service is a new development, until the end of April 2014, I am offering a 25% discount off the Standard package to clients who reserve their place with a 50% deposit (£375). Yes, that is £750 ($1245), instead of £1000 to create a unique combination of a simple modern design with beautiful artwork included. Connect with me here to reserve a place.

So, instead of just thinking about that new site – now is a great time to take action and see if we would be a good fit.

How does that sound?

Still unsure?

Then I invite you to connect with me further here to begin a no obligation conversation about your vision for your site.

Not ready to invest yet?

If you are interested, but the time isn’t right for you – the offer will expire but a beautiful new website with bespoke artwork will be still available so bookmark my website or subscribe to my updates.

Sharing is Caring

Do you know of anyone who has been struggling with finding someone to build a new website for them? If you do, feel free to pass on this email to them or share one of my social media pages.

Onwards and upwards!

Lisa x


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