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Authenticity, Respect, and The Textured Tarot: A Plea to Our Community

To all those who cherish the magic of Tarot and Oracle cards,

I write to you today not just as a deck creator but as a fellow enthusiast and a dedicated supporter of the intricate artistry of card design. My journey began in 2015, and it's been an incredible experience crafting decks like The Plant Ally cards, Tree Wisdom cards, Life Design Cards, and, of course, The Textured Tarot. Every card, every brushstroke, represents countless hours of dedication, love, and a commitment to creating something meaningful for our community.

It's with genuine concern that I share the unsettling news that counterfeit versions of The Textured Tarot are being produced illegally abroad and have found their way onto platforms like Etsy, Fruugo, and Temu. They usually have gilded card edges.

Here's why this matters:

1. Impact on Creativity: Every artist thrives on the appreciation and support of their community. Counterfeits can demoralise creators and suppress the very creativity and inspiration that birthed these decks.

2. Energetic Integrity: Tarot and Oracle cards are more than just cards; they're sacred tools with a unique energy. Counterfeit decks, produced without the genuine intent and love of the original creator, don't carry the same authenticity and connection.

3. Economic Implications: I choose small print runs due to the UK's high printing costs. Genuine purchases directly fuel the creation of new, original art. When counterfeits are bought, it detracts funds that could support authentic artistry.

4. Stealing from Artists: At its core, producing counterfeit goods is theft. It robs artists of their intellectual property, hard work, and the dedication they've poured into their creations.

I urge you, my dear readers and supporters, to remain vigilant. If an offer seems too tempting, there's a chance it might not be genuine. Whenever possible, make purchases directly from artists or their authorised sellers, ensuring you're receiving an authentic piece of their soul.

By supporting genuine creators and standing firm against counterfeits, we can preserve the integrity of our cherished art form and nurture a community that values originality and respect.

Currently, I am the only individual authorised to sell my brand-new decks; any others are counterfeit.

Onwards and Upwards!

With deepest gratitude,

Lisa McLoughlin Art xxx


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