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Patience has a gift of Slow time…

I can honestly say that I have been wishing away time this year!  Awful, I know! I have caught myself in the act of pining for a swift outcome to our home buying. I am keen to move on with more space and comfort around us, in a beautiful environment. If I wasn’t wishing away my time (in various guises), I was passing time by quickly moving from task to task to try and numb the uncomfortableness of waiting. I was also feeling a little irritated with the word ‘patience’. Silliness!

Why silliness?

What I have come to realise, whilst pushing through the pain of it all, is that Patience has a gift of Slow time. When we are waiting for an outcome, time starts to move really, really slowly. Have you noticed that? A week feels like a month, a day like a week and an hour like a day….

The crazy thing is, I can often pine for more time to do this and that– and there it was, a gift of slow time on an outcome-waiting plate!

What a joy it would have been if I had realised (back then)….’Ooo I have all this Slow time. What delights can I fill it with? What can I mindfully slow down over?’ Do you see what I am getting at here? A gift of Slow time is a treasure to fully indulge and explore.

So, this is just a short post as a nudge to anybody who is caught up with time dragging alongside a spoonful of wearing patience.

Have a lovely day!


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