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Permaculture – it’s not just about gardens and landscapes…

This is an archive blog post from Green Alder Coaching

This is a simple review of a wonderful book that I have just read – People & Permaculture by Looby Macnamara. This blog is not meant to be a thorough account of what permaculture is, so I invite you to check out this link in the permaculture magazine for more information, is it a detailed description of the book – as although it is only 285 pages long, it is absolutely bulging with essential information. I would not do it justice.

It is a timely read for me, whilst I am in a transition into a new life…It uniquely combines all the interests I have, into a well-thought-out road map – a succinct companion for my journey. It gives me to focus on a design process for my life and my career; with the finite planet in mind.

Much of the information is not new to me –  much of it is common sense –  but Looby has a way of pulling the key themes from many areas together and framing them in a logical way; deeply rooted in the permaculture principles and its design….She is a great systems thinker, with a solid understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

What is the book actually about? Looby starts the book by describing what permaculture is. In summary:

Uses nature as our guide

Thinks holistically engaging read. To finish the book leaves one feeling uplifted and positive and acutely aware of how connected everything is, and how we can help the world become a better place (The Great Turning). It has changed me for the better, and I am looking forward to applying it to my life and work situation.


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