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The Case of Expressing Your True Nature: Leda Sammarco interviews Lisa McLoughlin Art

Leda Sammarco from Inspirational Authors Revealed anchors time with me to talk about my art and connections to Nature. Find the link to the blogpost and recording here.

Extract from post:

"Lisa McLoughlin, artist and creator of Tree Wisdom cards, tells the Book Detective that nature can teach us kindness. Most of us feel we aren’t good enough, and may look at other people around us, who we feel are more successful or better in some way – or as Lisa calls it, ‘compare and despair’! But, as she explains, Nature is always true to itself. An oak tree does not want to be a beech tree, it never doubts its purpose (going from acorn to oak), and it will make the most of where it is planted. Lisa also shares some inspiring personal stories, in particular of how she was pulled away from her love of art as a teenager to pursue a career within a scientific field, and many moons later found her way back to it, reconnecting from a much deeper, richer and more joyful place."


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