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The Same But Different

This is an archived blog post from Green Alder Coaching

I’ 'd like to tell you about The, Same, But, and Different… They each have simple needs and just want to: feel connected, be protected, flourish, be nourished, feel part of a wider community, be accepted, and have a purpose and security – they want to survive.


Is someone who has become wheelchair-bound, has a disease, a disfigurement, or a mental impairment…

How do you feel about them now?


Is a hungry shark feeding close to holidaymakers, a fox chasing chickens, a magpie stealing eggs from a nest, or a rat eating out of dustbins…

How do you feel about them now?


Is a person with a gun raiding a shop, an enemy soldier at war, a football supporter in a different team, or a bully within a school…

How do you feel about them now?


Is an old oak tree blocking a new road or runway, a dandelion,  moss in a lawn, or a rainforest in the way of planting palm oil… How do you feel about them now?

We all have filters through which we see the world…

Perhaps, observe and just be aware of these filters… Let compassion in – before reacting and judging as bad, ugly, or nuisance – then respond, and see what happens.

We are all the same, but different...we all matter in some way, and we are all doing our best in the only way we know how.


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