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The wisdom of trees – Part 2 – Vlog about the NEW deck


May I invite you to spend 6 minutes of your time watching my latest video about some of the processes and stories around the making of my new Tree Wisdom card deck? They are about to be launched from 11th September and you can find them here in my shop. My intention was to make a 2-minute video, but I underestimated how long it would take me to communicate certain points. I have left the video unedited as I am adopting a renewed process of finding ease in my work and keeping the urge for over-editing and re-dos at bay;) I hope you enjoy my first video take or at least have an idea of whether the cards are a good fit for you… Warm wishes, Lisa xxx

Here is a quick 1-minute run through video of the front of each card …

Over to you

If you know somebody who would love a deck of these nature-based cards then do share with them or your social media preference. Thank you


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