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The Wrinkle and the Crone: Redefining Beauty in Our Society

Imagine a canvas: initially smooth, but over time, it gets filled with intricate patterns, lines, and textures. These lines tell stories, encapsulate emotions, and are a testament to the life lived. This is our skin, a reflection of our journey. As I venture into my fifties, I am that canvas.

Recently, I embarked on an unexpected adventure. My husband's mother, a beacon of strength in her own right, wanted a picture of the two of us to put in a frame. It's not that I've never had my picture taken before, but as someone who has allowed her hair to cascade into wild silver streams and wrinkles to form naturally, this request felt daunting. Yet, we stepped into the sun, hired a professional, and immortalized our smiles and laughter.

The outcome?

Pictures that showcased a journey — the journey of aging gracefully, embracing every contour and shade of my existence.

Photography by Mariola Wielgosz

It was an experience brimming with liberation. Yet, the joy was interspersed with society's whispers, which sometimes tout that youth and unblemished skin equate to the apex of beauty. In these photos, I saw more than just my age; I glimpsed the milestones, the learnings, the laughter, and yes, the wrinkles.

When my mother said I looked beautiful, it made me ponder. What if beauty wasn't just about the wrinkle-free face but the story, the journey, and the wisdom behind it? What if the crone, with her wrinkles and silver hair, was as beautiful as the young maiden, just in a different, deeper way?

Our society has been conditioned to fear the wrinkle, to view it as a symbol of decline. But wrinkles are like the rings inside a tree trunk, each one representing growth, endurance, and the passage of time. They're marks of resilience, wisdom, and a life fully lived.

Yes, the commercial world flaunts 'ideal' standards, most of which are unattainable without the luxury of wealth. However, real beauty isn't about adhering to these standards. It's about embracing every aspect of ourselves, including our evolving faces and bodies. It's about cherishing the canvas of our skin, with all its patterns and textures.

For those like me, who might often struggle with their reflection in this age-focused world, remember that real beauty isn't skin deep.

It's the light in your eyes, the love you give, the wisdom you share, and the stories your wrinkles narrate.

As we age, let's redefine beauty. Let's embrace the crone within and allow her to shine brightly. After all, every wrinkle is a mark of a moment, an emotion, a memory. And that, in itself, is beautiful.

What now?

As we chart our paths, embracing the seasons of our lives, it’s crucial to find outlets that resonate with our evolving selves. This has led me to another exciting journey. I'm thrilled to announce that I am embarking on designing a new Nature-themed tarot deck called Wild Tarot Tangles. This will be a sister deck to the beloved The Textured Tarot. Just as we find beauty in the patterns of life, both smooth and wrinkled, this deck aims to channel the wild, raw, and pure energies of nature. Stay with me, as I'll be sharing insights, updates, and snippets of this new adventure in the days to come. Just like the stories our wrinkles tell, I hope this deck becomes a testament to Nature's tales and our intrinsic connection to them.


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