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Tarot Gallimaufry

The New Tarot Deck

by Lisa McLoughlin Art 

Coming Soon! 

Welcome to my new creation, Tarot Gallimaufry - a new sister deck to The Textured Tarot!

Dive into a world where the untamed beauty of Nature meets the mysteries of tarot, all wrapped up in the vibrant, sometimes chaotic embrace of Lisa McLoughlin Art. This deck is your invitation to a journey of self-discovery wrapped in the whispers of the wild.

Crafted with passion, creativity, and intuition, the Tarot Gallimaufry (79-card deck with an 82-page guidebook) supports you through life's twists and turns. With every card, you're stepping into a story, a piece of art that speaks to you in the unique language of Nature's untold tales.

This deck is a love letter to adventurous souls seeking guidance, inspiration, or a touch of magic in their daily lives. It's a blend of the old and the new, the familiar and the unexpected, designed to visually spark your imagination and

light up your path.

Tarot Gallimaufry perfectly captures this deck's eclectic and harmonious nature, reflecting its unique blend of diverse natural elements. The creative mix of flora, fauna, and natural symbols invites you to explore a rich tapestry of meanings and insights in readings.

The deck will soon be exclusively available in my Etsy shop on a limited print run. If you are interested, you can join me on the journey;


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Artwork proofs from Ivory Graphics (printers)

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