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Dreamboarding lightly…;)

I am inspired by The Women Unlimited Thrive Conference 2014 I attended yesterday. It was full of amazing stories and a plethora of advice on how to be and become successful…

If you are new to the business, it can also leave you a little vulnerable and a tangible feeling of the ‘smallness’ of your own home working empire.

If you have ever been to a business conference, I am sure you can relate.

So, this morning I woke with a real drive to connect with my business dream by creating a vision board of how I want my business to feel and look within the next year or so.

Making a vision or dream board is advice I regularly hear when investigating how to visualise being a successful businesswoman. I don’t know if you have ever tried it or seen any examples. Typically they can reveal definite outcomes such as a nice home office, collaborating with friendly people, a happy relationship, etc.

My goodness, I am repeatedly asking my clients to create a vision board for their business illustrations

So, I kind of liked the idea of ‘practicing what I preach’ so to speak…

This time, I took on some fabulous advice from Amy Palko about creating a Dreamboard. She advises to manifest the board after a meditative space of silence…lightly holding the question ‘What am I birthing here?’. It was important to keep my focus relaxed and not overthink what I was looking for.

Typically, I started with predetermined ideas of a beautiful art studio with messy paints splashed everywhere, lots of light, and even a pet dog walking through;) The board started with what I had fixed in my ‘mind’.

Then, something peculiar happened, I accidentally came across an image that swirled and stirred deep inside my heart and stomach. I felt butterflies and a deep connection with it and had no idea why. I put it aside as I knew it was significant in some way.

So, out of all my chosen images, this one spoke to me above and beyond any other.

This image (the first image on the pinboard picture above) sings to my soul and I am sure it will reveal its answers to me as time goes on. My initial thoughts are that the lady is elegantly serene in textured but feminine clothing, within comfortable surroundings. There is a neatness to the image, yet it feels rustic and comfortable enough to not feel stuffy or too perfect.

This could be an image that represents the feeling of my business, or how I want to be in my business. Most likely it represents everything about my business in one single image. So powerful and revealing. I will look at this image every day and see what secrets it holds.

Over to you

I invite you to find some quiet meditative time and create a Dreamboard based on a question you may have. Pay attention to your responses whilst you ponder over the images.

Is this a head or a heart response?

If the picture does not make sense….don’t discard it, but keep it close by, as it will most likely reveal interesting truths about what your soul is searching for.

Oh and also

If you enjoyed this blog post then do share your social media preference, or comment below with your thoughts and experiences of vision/dreamboards. I would love to hear from you…

Bye for now,

Lisa x


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