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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words” Arthur Brisbane

The day is finally here; the launch of my website…

Welcome to my cosy new online home.

I bet you know that feeling when you have a passionate and precious idea that you are so so excited to share with the world, but you just wanna get it right and good enough to launch.

Can you relate?

Well, I am in that place right now.

So, I will share one of the things I invested in to reflect a feeling sense of who I am as a professional artist.

My question

How would I present my new website and my services to the world?

I knew my website would be beautifully bejeweled with many examples of my artwork within an expanding gallery portfolio page.

How on earth was I going to make the website reflect enough of me and who I am and also portray a professional, artistic and quality feel?

I concluded that it was time for me to stretch a bit further and invest in my new business to honour the valued work that I do.

So, I returned to my values and the pillars I like to measure my life decisions and questions. One of those values is a love of uniquely beautiful things.

These days, I live a relatively simple life with a few materialistic possessions.

Yet, I absolutely love to invest in a high-quality item or experience, as I appreciate something special and unique.

What did I do?

I invested in an outdoor photography experience. A day connecting with nature, whilst an amazingly talented photographer (Samjhana Moon) captured my day and the quirky essence of who I am becoming as I transform into doing the work I was born to do.

Typically, I am not a lover of having my photograph taken.

It was a huge risk as the photography service was of a high value and one that carefully captures the essence of a person just simply ‘being’ oneself and experiencing a connection with all that is in the world.

I am so pleased I invested in it, as not only do I have these precious photographs for a lifetime, but also they energetically infuse my website with my love of being in this newfound place of doing work that I truly love.

The care and attention to detail and the whole process that Samjhana took me through, reminded me of what I value as a woman in business in service to others. It was a privilege and honour, for me, to see a mirror of all that I aspire to be for my clients.

The whole experience validated my drive to create uniquely beautiful artwork to portray the feeling of a woman in her business.

What now?

So, I invite you to take a look around my website, stay a while, and see if you love my new online home.

If you would like me to inject beautiful artwork to convey the feeling of YOU in your business, then connect with me here>> I look forward to collaborating with you further.

Do share this blog post if you like it and value my vision.


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