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The Sacred Alone

In June, I was overwhelmed and drowning in my own heart-centred business.

My passion and enthusiasm for my work had not changed (not one bit)  and the connection and collaboration with my clients was mostly heart-warming and nourishing.

It was not my client's work. It was the ‘other stuff’ around running my own business.

You know the stuff – the endless advice, the overwhelming and expanding social media to-do’s, the marketing, the networking, the lack of rest and boundaries, over-thinking, comparing and despairing, the statistics and analytics, and the endless skill-building.

Sound familiar?

I work alone most of the time, so I was under the false impression that every day was a connected-to-self day. After all, I have endless opportunities to be alone and luxuriate in my tendency towards introversion and quiet.

I was wrong!

My boundaries between work, rest, and play had slowly been eroded and I was neglecting the mindful things and the connecting to self.

How am I feeling right now, etc?

In fact, there was guilt rising within me when I was taking a little time out here and there.

I should not be distracting myself with such introspection.…that is for New Year reflections and resolutions!

And then…

It was only when I was triggered and made a misaligned error in judgment, that the carpet was swept quickly from beneath my feet!!

I had no choice but to somehow ‘feel into’ the discomfort and consequences of my mistake and then attempt to take inspired action…

What did I do?

I had to reconnect with myself and find out what I was supposed to be learning from the drama I had created.

As you have probably experienced, the grit in the oyster will often create a pearl.

The darker times can often precede a period of stretch and growth.

What happened?

I noticed how I was gently guided and soothed. I followed the breadcrumbs to a place deep, deep within.

I found this place by showing myself a big, fat bundle of self-compassion and re-discovered my love for writing a daily journal.

The Sacred Alone

My experiences of connecting with myself again…

I discovered the beautiful blog posts and newsletters from Susannah Conway. In fact, my heart was positively vibrating, singing and doing cartwheels on reading her every word. The resonance was profound and I knew I had arrived in exactly the right place: a reconnection with me and my connection with everything else.

I am midway through the 14-day The Sacred Alone journey and quite honestly, I know I will be doing more of her courses in the future. I feel it is the best life and business decision I have made this year.

In conclusion

We have all the answers within us and we just need to sit quiet and listen and journal to re-connect with our biggest friend and advisor (yourself).

So, this summer I have taken time away from the Social media/Marketing Doing of my business and simply enjoying the experience of working with the clients I have and those that are finding their way to me…;)

My website can wait and will be thoroughly updated in the Autumn.

There is so much more to my business than following endless noise and conflicting external advice.

So, perhaps take a few minutes (or more) every day to connect with yourself and you will find a goldmine of support and guidance. It could be the best business and life advice you have at your fingertips.


For the month of August, I will be following the #TheAugustBreak2014 with Susannah Conway, so my next blog will contain 31 pictures by the end of it;) I do hope you enjoy them.

There are so many ways we can connect with our creativity… Have a wonderful summer!

The August Break 2014

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