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Connect with my Clients: Melanie Mackie

Welcome to Connect with My Clients– an exciting series of blog posts to learn more about Why my clients hire an artist to visually express how their business feels.

My clients are also the very people who inspire me with their talents and commitment to provide a personal, remarkable way to express their business.

Meet Melanie Mackie, She is the founder of Scarletta Media and her specialty is online marketing and social media with solopreneurs, small businesses, and sociable people. Melanie offers creative social media marketing consultancy services and social media training with e-courses, workshops and tutorials.

I initially met Melanie at a Corrina Gordon-Barnes You Inspire Me networking event in London. I immediately warmed to her and her business and I admired the unique style of her website and Branding.

I hope you enjoy reading a bit more about her reasons for hiring an illustrator.

Connect with my Clients…

 1)    What was your desire when you were looking for someone like me?

I was looking to connect with an artist who had the ability to create a unique image for me to use for my online ecourse, The Social Media Map. I met Lisa in person at a community event and then later on saw her beautiful illustrations for another ecourse that I was participating in, and I knew I had found the right person to help me.

 2)    What did you do to search for a solution to this need?

I didn’t need to search it’s almost as if Lisa arrived just as I needed her. Which is always a bonus and just felt completely right.

 3)    How did you understand that you needed the solution that I offer?

I believe each business is unique and through-out all of my business branding and marketing materials for Scarletta I want to use images that are unique, either created by me or bespoke for my business. I believe it is essential to express our own ideas and creativity and of course personal brands with our businesses.

4)    What were the important attributes of my solution to help you ultimately decide to invest in my service?

It is important for me to work with other creative businesses, who simply get it and are on a similar wavelength. And I just knew when I met Lisa and saw her work that she is the right fit for me. Our businesses complement each other as I teach others to use social media marketing with purpose and personality.

5)    What 4 words would you write to describe yourself as a female entrepreneur?

Ooooh this is tricky! Inspiring, personable, authentic, and of course sociable!

6)    How does your business feel?

Welcoming, honest and inspiring to others to connect and share

7)    I invite you to comment on my process for creating custom-crafted artwork.

Lisa takes the time to understand exactly what you want and as if by magic creates her illustration. Her process is very thorough and she gets under the skin of you and your business.

8)    How has custom-crafted images benefitted your brand and services?

I am delighted with Lisa’s work and love it that the image is completely bespoke to me and my business personality. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Scarletta-webcopy-v2-script copy

9)    What advice would you give someone who is considering hiring an artist or designer?

Be clear what it is you want, but also be open to suggestions to allow Lisa’s work to flow. You won’t be disappointed!

Thank you Melanie for answering my questions, in order to help prospective clients feel more informed about Lisa McLoughlin Art. Very much appreciated…

If you want to work with Melanie to become successful social find more about her services and what’s on the menu at Scarletta here.

If you would like to see how I can visually help you with your business needs, then do connect with me here as I can paint how your business feels.


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