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What to do when you don’t have a clear brand identity…

You have thought long and hard about your talents, business purpose, niche, and values.

You feel that your business is lost amongst an abundance of similar services.

You wonder what on earth can help you stand apart and stand out to communicate a certain flavour of a business and attract your ideal type of client.

A familiar story…right?

It is incredibly common to feel lost at sea amongst an exceptional level of quality information within the online community.

But, there are ways to mitigate this.

One way is to clearly define the personality of your brand.

After all, having a consistent personality within your brand year after year helps to stand apart from your competitors and attract your ideal client.

What do you mean by personality?

Distinct, authentic brand identity will help you attract the right people. It will also help them recommend you to others.

So, how?

One way is in the use of powerful archetypes.

Archetypes can give your brand a clear meaning, by communicating just how you do things.

The psychologist Carl Jung believed that we have a universal shared unconsciousness out of which archetypes emerge as forms or images that everyone recognises.


How do archetypes work?

You start with your purpose and then project this to the world by using archetypes to represent you in a way that is familiar to everyone.

This gives your brand meaning and increases your curb appeal to people who REALLY want what you have to offer.

There are many references to the 12 archetypes online and it is not my intention to give you a detailed overview here.

However, I do recommend the Pearson Archetypal System as a great place to start.

The key is to pick an archetype you resonate with and use 1-2 additional ones as an added flavour into the mix.

Communicating through your archetypes, in a consistent way, helps anchor your service and give a sense that people know if they are in the right place.

People want to know what you stand for and they value your consistency in order to build trust and feel safe.

You will be more authentic and confident as you communicate your values through the archetype you identify most powerfully with.

It is a case of evoking the archetype through your brand rather than becoming it.

An example

After working with the beautiful  Jac Mcneil, I discovered that my main archetypes are the Creator and Magician with a flavour of Lover.

This combination enabled me to write a clearer web copy and communicate my message authentically to the world.

I am continuously compelled to create new things and love to transform an idea into an inspirational piece of work. I gain enormous pleasure from connecting with people by making beautiful things of lasting value.

The words I choose and the visual effects of my website evoke the Magician and Lover Archetypes, whilst the Creator is already abundant in my artwork.

So, what are your archetypes?

If this information makes sense to you and you would love to visually evoke an archetype within your online brand, then do connect with me further here >>

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